Large pillows

Uniqueness in the biggest size

Large pillows

Large advertising pillows are new on the market. An unusual look and comfort are just two of many advantages of the pillows. They have a large advertising space, thus they can promote your company in many indoor and outdoor events. Instead of using traditional advertising, which stopped working long ago, try to think about pillows with an overprint. This unusual way of advertising will help you stand out in the crowd and your brand will sparkle!

Technical details

Sized and versions of large pillows.


  • Large pillow XL - size
  • 4 kg


  • Large pillow XXL - size
  • 5 kg


What characterises large pillows?

Digital printing

To apply graphics on the chairs we use digital printing, which ensures the highest quality of colour reproduction. The graphics do not wear down and are resistant to any weather conditions.

Water resistance

Fabrics used for the production of the pillows are tested on water resistance. We assure that water will not come into your pillow.

Easy cleaning

For the production of our pillows we use fabrics, which are easy to clean. Dirt formed from daily use can be therefore easy removed. We provide information about the product care with each delivery.

Any weather condition

Our pillows are durable during any weather conditions. Take your pillow with your brand logo on outdoor events - concerts, festivals or in the garden, and the rest will be done by itself.

Incredible comfort

An advertisement which is not only visible, but also comfortable! Advertise yourself in an unusual way and be original. They adjust to the body, due to the filling.

Large advertisement

The incredible large advertising space makes the pillow a great advertising medium. Your logo will be visible from far away.