Advertising cubes

Cubic advertisement

Advertising cubes

Incredibly light and durable advertising mediums, which you can use in offices, lobbies or any events. Cubes can be used anywhere you wish. They are great seats for an unexpected guest. They might be used as coffee tables during a lunch brake or for furniture in a kids corner. No matter how you use the cubes your advertisement will be visible everywhere and original for sure.

Technical details

Sizes and versions of the advertising cubes

Small cube

  • Small cube

Large cube

  • Large cube


What characterises advertising cubes?

Digital print

To apply graphics on the chairs we use digital printing, which ensures the highest quality of colour reproduction. The graphics do not wear down and are resistant to any weather conditions.

Water resistance

Fabrics used for the production of the cubes are tested on water resistance. You can be sure that water will not come into your cube.

The best filling

We adjust to your needs, thus we can fill the cube with styrofoam (it's lighter, but harder) or with polyurethane foam (it's heavier, but more comfortable).


Each site of the cube can have a different overprint, so you can use the advertising space fully and present your product from the best size.

Many applications

Got a summer garden, but to less space for large furniture? Advertise your company during the summer time and you won't be left unseen. One product, so many different applications - a seat, a coffee table or a footrest.

Many sizes

The above presented products are in standard sizes, but we can make a cube in a size you wish for!