Advertising bean bags

Comfortable seats

Advertising bean bags

Advertising bean bags are our basic products. You can use them in lounge zones, during business meetings or outdoor events. According to the space you can choose from three different sizes. Bean bags are really comfortable and can be overprinted with you brand logo. Use them for promotion and advertising.

Technical details

Sizes and versions of advertising bean bags


  • Advertising bean bag S
  • 3,2 kg


  • Advertising bean bag M
  • 4 kg


  • Advertising bean bag L
  • 6 kg


What characterises our advertising bean bags?

Digital printing

To apply graphics on the chairs we use digital printing, which ensures the highest quality of colour reproduction. The graphics do not wear down and are resistant to any weather conditions.

Water resistance

Fabrics used for the production of the bean bags are tested on water resistance. We assure that water will not come into your bean bag.

Easy cleaning

For the production of our bean bags we use fabrics, which are easy to clean. Dirt formed from daily use can be therefore easy removed. We provide information about the product care with each delivery.

Low weight

The bean bags are filled with polystyrene pellets, which are very light. Because of that they are mobile and can be put anywhere you want them.

Extended warranty

We assure the best quality of our products. Thus we give you a 2-year warranty on all advertising chairs. All details concerning the warranty will be added to each delivery.

Durable fabrics

For the production of our bean bags we only use tear resistant polyester fabric with the weight of 300g/m2. The polyester is tested seasonally for water resistance.